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We are located just 8km south of Haliburton off of Gelert Road (That's only a ten minute drive from downtown!) or follow the Rail Trail.
Here at The Little Tart all of our baked goods are created from scratch and made by hand fresh daily the way home baking should be.
We take pride in everything we do from our baking to our friendly and courteous customer service. All of our recipes are tried and retried until they are our absolute best.
Visit us at The Little Tart and fall in love at first bite!
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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Hours!

Hi there!

Bill and I have been in the kitchen prepping since Tuesday to get ready for this Canada Day long weekend! When our doors open Canada Day morning we will be operating seven days a week until labour day! We'll be making as much baking as we possibly can hoping for another crazy busy summer! Unfortunately this means we wont be accepting orders until the weekend after labour day and recommend arriving early for best selection.

We hope you'll make us a part of your summer tradition!

See you soon!

The Little Tart's Summer Hours


Saturday, June 18, 2016

We're All About Quality

So, it's been busy here this weekend but I have to take a moment to mention something that has been brought to our attention this year. We wait until something is said at least three times before we give it much credence, and even then we weigh the implications and most often let it go. Sometimes, however, well... here it is:

Bill and I do not supply anyone anywhere with our product for resale. We have had several customers now who believe they have seen our products elsewhere. I want to make this very clear because we are all about quality; while we have been approached often over the past eight years (It happens several times every year and this year, so far, is no exception.) by people who would like our product for their business, we always politely decline because once it leaves our store we lose quality control.
Now, having said that, if someone has been in and purchased our product to sell, it's without our knowledge and we do not condone this.

We also pride ourselves on originality; we work very hard to create the best product we can and that includes presentation and how it's marketed. While some believe immitation is the greatest form of flattery - making a tart look like ours doesn't make it ours and we don't want people to be misled.


Thank you very much for your time. I'm headed back to the kitchen.

Please, enjoy the rest of your day!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Visit The Little Tart for a "Booty Call"!

"Booty Call"
The Little Tart's own salted caramel custard tart with chocolate truffle bottom.
At the very beginning of the season I had a suggestion for a new flavour. Two words; "salted caramel".

Well, here it is; created in The Little Tart's own kitchen! Please allow me to introduce our very own salted caramel custard tart with chocolate truffle bottom. And you know it has a name (drum roll)...
"Booty Call"!

That's right, my friends, you can now come to The Little Tart for a "Booty Call"!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

How To Make The Little Tart's Mojio Tart

The Little Tart's Mojito Tart
How to make The Little Tart's Mojito Tart:

1. Make lime curd with rum.
2. Test to make sure there's enough rum.
B. More rum.
6. Find the mint.
10. What?
12. Why are there so many steps?
14. I think I forgot the rum.
D. Test to make sure there's enough rum.
7. We really should write this recipe down.
1. Get a pen.

Thas how u made the monino... oh yeah, bake it!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day Greetings!

Good morning!

The sun is shining and it's Mother's Day weekend!

Are you planning on giving your mom the gift of The Little Tart's fresh home baking this weekend? Well we have something special to go with that gift! It's a little something we designed in true The Little Tart style to tell your mom, "Hey, you done good!"
So, this weekend, just let us know you're purchase is a gift for mom and we'll give you (free) one of our nifty greeting cards.
Tell your mom you love her and then give her the card that says, "I brought something from The Little Tart because... "
Well, you'll just have to come in to find out!
The Little Tart
Mother's Day card