We are OPEN for our 7th season!
Our May and June hours are:
Friday through Sunday
10am - 5pm
Victoria Day long weekend hours:
Thursday through Sunday
10am - 5pm
We'll look forward to your visit!

1035 Koshlong Lake Road
Haliburton, Ontario
K0M 1S0

We are located just 8km south of Haliburton off of Gelert Road (That's only a ten minute drive from downtown!) or follow the Rail Trail.

Here at The Little Tart all of our baked goods are created from scratch and made by hand fresh daily the way home baking should be.

We take pride in everything we do from our baking to our friendly and courteous customer service. All of our recipes are tried and retried until they are our absolute best.

Visit us at The Little Tart and fall in love at first bite!

Making mouths water since 2009.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

It's Spring in Cottage Country

We are finally experiencing spring here in cottage country's Haliburton Highlands! The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and the trees are budding.

Beginning next weekend, Mother's Day weekend, we will be adding Friday's to our weekends. The hours will stay the same: Friday through Sunday 10am - 5pm.

The following weekend, however, is the Victoria Day long weekend and for that we plan to extend our weekend from Thursday all the way through Monday!

We hope you'll be making you way to cottage country to share in this beautiful weather and while you're here, we hope you'll visit!

We're always happy to see you!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring is in the Air! (Sort of)

I'm happy to say Easter weekend was a success! It has been a long quiet winter and it was nice to see familiar (and not so familiar) faces again. We're thankful to everyone who made us a part of their Easter celebrations!


It hasn't exactly been spring-like here in cottage country. When we woke this morning to a blanket of snow on the ground we were making up rhymes to coax the sun out:
Winter snow it's time to go
So spring can make the flowers grow.
That was mine. Bill has his own rhyme, but it starts with a four letter word and goes downhill from there.
Fortunately the sun decided to make an appearance and that has brought people out for some goodies! 

Every year Bill likes to update the chalkboard inside the store and today he changed the artwork. Last year's deer has given way to a moose and a loon. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Opening Easter Weekend!

In my eagerness to open, I had announced we will be opening Easter Weekend before I checked to see what weekend Easter fell on this year. Nonetheless, we will be opening Easter Weekend (next weekend) and if you are in or around the Haliburton Highlands we hope you'll pay us a visit!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Cross Legged and Yoga Posed

It has been a busy week. The Little Tart may be a tiny store, but there's always lots to do to prepare to open.

Every year we try to update the names of our products or create new slogans and sayings for our product cards. I know I've said it before (it's good to know before you get here) that Bill and I have a - what's the word? - bizzare? strange? weird? (All of the above.) sense of humor and we have a lot of fun coming up with some of the things we put on our product cards.... I guess you could say it's another way we get "jazzed up" (That's right, I gots the lingo because I'm hip with the kids today.) and excited about opening.

Hey, we may be middle aged, but we are immature.

Needless to say, we don't put "everything" we come up with on our product cards and I wont post examples, but we are aware that we sometimes push the limits. Here's the thing - as much as we want you to enjoy our baked goods (and we really want you to enjoy our baked goods), whether we're a part of your cottage country traditions or you just happened upon us while passing through, we want your visit to our store (which is also our home) to be a memorable experience that lasts long after the treats are gone.

Having said all that, let me add, that while we were working and creating our new product cards, and we were both trying to outdo one another, I was cross-legged and yoga posed. (I'm claiming that phrase, and trust me, if you're middle aged and menopausal - it's a thing.) Word.

The countdown continues...

Saturday, March 21, 2015

We're All About the Tarts!

The countdown is on here at The Little Tart as we get ready to launch our 2015 season. Bill is busy putting a fresh coat of paint on the store and I am going to tempt your taste buds.
We are only two weeks away from opening day and we hope you'll join us!