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Here at The Little Tart all of our baked goods are created from scratch and made by hand fresh daily the way home baking should be.
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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Apple Tree, Pretty House, Left Turn...

'kayso let's end this fabulous weekend the way it began... with a tongue twister!

I worked on this one all weekend so savour it like it's your favourite tart. Roll it around on your tongue like the flavourful filling in our flaky pastry. Mull it over and feel free to share. 

Say it three times fast if you dare.

And then you'll have it (twitch) stuck in your brain like I do! I (twitch) can't make it stop! It loops around and around and (twitch) around; apple tree, pretty house, left turn, apple tree, pretty house, left turn, apple tree, pretty house (Oo - they have a dog! Who's a cute little poochie? You are! Yes, you are!), left turn.

I'm sure it's nothing that a little fresh air and a lot of loud music can't fix.

I hope. 

Have a wonderfully wondrous week! ❤


Friday, June 11, 2021

A Tongue Twister



We are Open!

But before I get back to the baking making I have I have an itty-bitty-ditty to share.

If you've been to The Little Tart you may have noticed I practice my writing chops by coming up with little write-ups for each item. Some are a little sassy, some suggestive (The double entendre of our name is no accident), and some are just silly. They're fun to write and hopefully fun to read.

What does any of this long-winded intro have to do with the itty-bitty-diddy? It's a segue.

The Little Tart has big, moist muffins (See what I mean?). That's no secret. The secret is, they really want to be cake because - let's face it - a muffin is really a piece of cake without the frosting. Except for those bran muffins or multi-grain h... hel... good for you kind. 

And now we're to the itty-bitty-ditty!

Inspired by the muffin's write-up I came up with this tongue twister. Say it three times fast. Have a blast of a weekend!

How many cakes could the baker's bakery bake, if the baker's bakery only made cakes. The baker's bakery could bake as many cakes as the baker's bakery could make.

But we're a tart shop so... look! 🐿

Friday, June 4, 2021

Baking the Blues Away

 'kayso the sun is hiding, the bugs are bugging and the morning news is...

Anyhoo, don't let it get you down! The sun can't hide forever. The bugs are just doing what they do and you can always turn off the news. Besides, we've been making baking just for you so don't be blue. 

It's Friday and it's June which means we are OPEN!

Have a fabulous day. ❤

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A Glimpse of Summer

It has been our experience that the Victoria Day long weekend is an indication of what our summer will be and we are so pleased to say it was busy!

Thank you so much to everyone who came by. We missed out on May and June last year so being able to open this year was wonderful. So many familiar faces and so many new ones. We look foreward to a day when we can see you all without the mask. Life may be very different right now but two things remain the same... the quality we put in to everything we do and how much we appreciate your unwavering support especially during these trying times. You deserve nothing less than our very best!

Next weekend we'll be back to Saturday and Sunday and this year we'll add Fridays in June. I'll post that next weekend

In the meantime we hope you have a fabulous week. Take care! ❤

Friday, May 21, 2021

Four Days of Baking Making!

Why does the little tart have a hard time getting a date?

She's too flaky - always wants to talk about her fillings. (Enter hysterical laughter here.)

Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all weekend!

And speaking of weekends... It's the Victoria Day long weekend. We are open and making baking right through to Monday! 

Wherever you are, we hope your days are full of sunshine and smiles! ❤